Breville Smoke Infuser

The Breville Smoke Infuser is a wonderful invention.  This infuser can be used by marinating food inside a container for small meals, instead of having a huge barbecue style smoker.  I have Breville products of my own and can attest to their high quality and design.

I want to introduce you to another use of the Breville Smoke Infuser.  This seems to be an up and coming use for smoke infusers and it is an excellent conversation and party attraction.

I have seen this done at local bars for drinks and the bar tender said this kicks the drink up a couple notches.  When you’ve made or ordered a drink you know what to expect and what the general flavor of your drink will be.   By using the smoke infuser on your drink the liquor will hold onto that smoke flavor and enhance your drink experience.

When you first smell the aroma of the smoke your taste buds will start to salivate.  When you see the smoke dancing around your drink your eyes will be pleased.  You will have multiple senses working at the same time.  Depending on your preferred flavor you can leave your drink inside the container longer.

The Breville Smoke Infuser

As I mentioned above this can be used to quickly add cold smoke flavor to your food, drink, sauces without using heat. 

The Breville Smoke Infuser is lighter, quieter and easier than other smoke infusers.  The burn chamber is dishwasher safe and the rest comes apart without tools for easy clean up.

If you want a quality product I recommend this infuser.  If heard the burn chamber in other cheaper brands tend to get clogged up. That is not a hassle you want to deal with when cooking or trying to relax and have a drink.  This infuser comes with a 1 Year manufacturer warrant.

From what I’ve seen with Breville products is they are mostly finished the same.  Meaning,  they have that stainless steel outer body that shows quality instead of showing it made of plastic.

The Wood chips

Breville offers four flavors of wood chips for your convenience. Apple-wood. Cherry-wood, Hickory and Mesquite.  These chips come in separate containers and are made specifically to work with your Breville Smoking Gun.  They come in 4 ounces for each flavor.

Another common product used as wood chips is dried tea leaves.  Yet another way to change up the flavor and have fun with experimenting to fi d your favorite recipe for flavor.

The Box Smoke Box

This is where it gets tricky.  I have searched and searched for a suitable box but cannot find one anywhere.  The only box I have found is a large glass container that is upwards of $300 but that does come included with an infuser.  I feel the large container is makes it harder to find a home in your kitchen.  Also, the larger size makes for more use of wood chips to saturate your drink.

I have made my own box from Cedar.  Cedar is key to getting the best, natural aroma and flavor from your wood chips.  The more you use the cedar box the more it will mature, similar to using a cast iron skillet.  With more use, you get better flavor in your food.  The box will hold onto that smokey aroma and excite you every time you open it.

The box I created is 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ x 5″ tall and has an inner space of 4″ x 4″ x 4 1/2″.  This < link > will take you to a YouTube video.  It shows how this box came to be and the sophistication and elegance of it.

The Choice of Drink

I don’t need to tell you that everyone’s idea of what is good and what isn’t differs from one another.  That said, try this on your own and find what works for you.  Mix it up and combine wood chip flavors.  They will taste different on various types of liquor.

Remember, this isn’t just for liquor.  You can use this infuser on whatever you want.  If you’ve already got an infuser give it a try on a drink.

Astound your Senses

Go for it.  Treat your taste buds to something they haven’t experienced.  You will astound your senses and your friends or party-goers with this unique twist on making a drink.

How easy would it be to use it on a steak, hamburger or whatever meal you are cooking and then easily put some smoke into the drink you have while cooking?

Don’t exactly have a location to put this box?  With it’s beautiful construction and hardware it will not be out of place next to your coffee maker, mixer or other counter appliances.Sporiad

This box can be built and covered in any color and have a personalized engraving on the top.  This picture is of a design I am working on as my heritage is of Celtic Irish/Scottish.  The sword is an Irish Hilt Sword with the inscription Sporiad, which means Spirit.

Please let me know what you think.  I can make the box for $49.99.  Depending on location of shipping prices may vary.   Please send me an email if you are interested and subscribe for future alerts on new articles/products.

Also, if you have questions or trouble while building your own box, hit me up.  I’m more than happy to help.

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    • I prefer rum or whiskey. My friend really like his Gin & Tonics. He has been experimenting with different arrangements of wood chips. I tend to drink on the rocks so doing this really improves the experience.

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