CNC Router Project Ideas -Simple fun projects

Sometimes coming up with something to create can be difficult. Whether you are new to wood CNC Machining or are experienced, sometimes you get stumped. When this happens to me I look around my house at picture frames, wall hangings and even the kitchen table, although my wife would kill me if I messed with that.

To get the most out of your machine you don’t have to make the best, coolest thing all the time. Below I will talk about some ideas to keep you busy.

Make a new CNC Project

Making a new project is always exciting. You spend the time drawing, thinking and creating it on your software. A new project idea could come from a friend, a neighbor or anyone wanting you to make them something. My wife keeps me busy by looking at things on Pinterest. I just add my own flare to it.

I use VCarve Pro Vectric Software and owning that I am able to download free plans on thousands of different projects. Some I have to pay for but I get to keep the design and use it as much as I want. The image shown is something I made for my kids’ baseball team. You might have heard me mention in on another post on this site.Tic Tac Toe Box

Again, on Pinterest I found a Tic Tac Toe game that I thought I could make pretty unique. I simply drew out a Tic Tac Toe board and carved out the slots for the X’s and O’s to sit into. I also made a small drawer to put the pieces into. This project allowed me to use my CNC machine, my table saw and my thickness planer but was still pretty simple.

Add Some Flare to Something You Already Made

I made this box that is shown here. It was simple and I used only two tools, my table saw and thickness planer. A friend saw this box and thought it would be really nice for his friend who recently lost his beloved dog named Smokey. His friend used this box as an Urn. I was able to use my CNC machine to carve Smokey’s name into the top to personalize it. This meant a lot to him and he was able to have something nice for Smokey.

Look around your house. There is probably a lot of pictures hanging. Find one that you might be able to carve some nice words into. The Live, Laugh, Love words are very popular. You don’t always have to carve words. You could carve an intricate design around the frame to add some visual appeal to it.

CNC machining for other projectsEnd Table

I made a nice end table where the side allows for magazines or a laptop. The side pieces were contoured to allow this and I didn’t know how I would make the curves smooth and exactly the same. I quickly drew them up in my software and places the boards into my CNC machine. The results were something I could not have done on my own. All I had left was to take the piece to my plunge router to round the edges.

Make a Jig for Other Things

Your CNC machine can be used for manufacturing. You can draw up a design that needs precise drill holes for shelves or screw locations. The CNC machine is perfect for this and the results will look like you bought the would already pre-made.

Maybe you like want to build a jig for curving and curing some wood project you made. You can drill the hoes with your machine to place dowels into that will be on the perfect curve you need. This will save you time in trying to draw it by hand and your holes will be perfectly drilled so the dowels are straight and not angled.

Put Your Machine to Use and it Can Pay for Itself.Baseball Plaque

It’s up to you to decide what the purpose for your CNC Machine is. I have found the more I use mine the better and more efficient I get. This leads to more pleasure making projects because as I work with the machine I don’t have to spend so much time figuring it out. Think outside the box and enjoy your trade.





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3 Replies to “CNC Router Project Ideas -Simple fun projects”

  1. I really like these projects so thank you for bringing them to my attention. I’m only starting out working with wood and building very simple things but it’s inspiring to see what I can do with a bit more practice. I have one question about the CNC machine you used – I saw that you made your own on another post – is there a limit to the size of things you can make using your machine and what would you recommend for working on bigger items?

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    I like some of the ideas you have in here for a new CNC router project. I am always running low as I make something quite regularly. I learned how to do it from my Dad, but really he was gifted, so I am OK and still enjoy it in my spare time.

    I even earn a few quid and people do ask me to make them things from time to time, but, its hard to charge friends anything – so, don’t let your mates know you can do this haha.

    Thanks Jeffrey and I have bookmarked your website for further inspiration – much appreciated.


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