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How to Choose the Perfect Folding Extension Ladder

Are you finding it difficult to paint the high ceiling of your new house? Does it seem impossible to change the burnout bulb because of the height?

If you are one of the unlucky people who face such problems both at home and at workplace just because you do not possess an appropriate folding extension ladder, then this article is for you. Here, we will discuss what a folding extension ladder is and how it forms an important part of your daily life.

You may need it for completing small tasks like hanging your favorite picture on the wall or bigger tasks like fixing some unreachable electrical wires. Folding extension ladders are required to perform a range of tasks.

We offer you different varieties of extension ladders that can be folded into different shapes to reach different heights according to your needs. Imagine if the shelves in your kitchen are at a certain height that can not be reached without some support or you wish to redecorate your room and need a ladder for that;. In such cases, it would be useless and will cost you more to buy two separate ladders. This is why folding extension ladders can come in handy as it has the ability to adjust to different heights.

Factors to Look for While Choosing an Extension Ladder

Considering the frequent requirement of a ladder in day to day use, it seems necessary to take a look at the factors that will help you choose the best ladder for yourself.

These are:

1) Right ladder height

Estimating the right height for a ladder can be tricky. It is not the same as measuring a straight line. The ladder’s length depends upon factors such as:

● The angle at which the ladder is folded- A ladder with a more acute angle reaches greater heights whereas a ladder having an obtuse angle stands at a lesser height.

● Overlap of the ladder sections- This is another crucial point in determining the height of a ladder. Ladders come in various forms to serve different needs. The heights of ladders having more overlapping sections will differ from the ladders with no overlapping. Thus, it is suggested to choose your ladder wisely.

● The standing point on the ladder also decides the height of the ladder. Mostly, the manufacturers design a ladder that has a standing point 4 rungs down from the top. This is the standard design. It can completely change the height of the ladder you are planning to choose.

● If you have work like inspecting the rooftop or shifting unwanted items on the rooftop, then the height of your ladder must be enough so that it can be extended on the roof. Most often, an extension of 3 feet beyond the roof line is preferred.

2) Right ladder type

Those days are gone when only a single type of ladder was available. Today, extension ladders can be found in various types, catering to different customer needs. Choosing the right ladder from such a wide range can be a tiring task, and thus, we have shortlisted a few ladders that remain in demand throughout the year. These are:

● Step ladder: These are for freestanding use with a single section. It comes in a fixed size. Moreover, it can be stored easily and is available in aluminum and fiberglass.

● Extension ladder: Extension ladders are one of the latest designs that can be extended to heights otherwise hard to reach. It requires less storage space and mostly comes with two single sections. However, extension ladders with three separate parts are also available.

● Multi function ladder: Based on the design of the extension ladder, multi function ladders utilize hinge joints and can be used as step ladders or even single section ladders. As its name suggests, the multi function ladder adjusts itself to serve your different needs. From hanging a bulb in the attic to coloring the walls of children’s’ room, a multi function ladder covers it all.

● Telescopic ladder: Adding to the list of new age ladders is the telescopic ladder. The ability of the telescopic ladder to collapse and be stored in the tiniest of places, makes it popular among the buyers.

3) Weight capacity

The selection of folder extension ladders should be made based on the weight carrying capacity of the ladders which is measured in terms of duty ratings. The duty rating is the maximum amount load a ladder can carry safely. This load includes both the weight of a fully clothed person plus the weight of the tools or items that he is carrying.

For safety purposes, the weight carrying capacity of a ladder is the most important factor to consider. You should carefully analyze your requirements and then choose a ladder accordingly.

Duty ratings are categorized into the following:

● Type IAA , i.e, with 375 lbs. load limit; the ladders that fall under this category can carry the maximum load and thus are suitable for carrying heavy household and office weights.

● Type IA, i.e., 300 lbs load carrying which can be used for official activities.

● Type I, i.e., 250 lbs load carrying limits is suitable for all the usual activities.

● Type II, i.e., 225 lbs load capacity is designed for simple tasks.

● Type III, i.e., 200 lbs load carrying ability – such ladders are manufactured only for carrying lightweight items.

4) Ladder maneuverability and safety

Another feature that can not be overlooked while choosing a suitable folder extension ladder is the maneuverability of the ladder which depends on the purpose for which it is needed. If you wish to get a ladder for daily household work, then investing in a heavy and bigger ladder is futile.

Therefore, the extension ladders that can be easily made compact and stored are preferred nowadays. These products improve maneuverability.

Compact extension ladders are designed in a way that instead of two overlapping sections that make up the standard 16-foot extension ladder, they are constructed using three short overlapping sections. This design aids in convenient storage and transport.

Next comes the safety of the ladder used. Reports claim that the maximum number of injuries in the US happen as a result of fall from a height, and this constitutes the maximum number of ladder associated injuries. Therefore, considering the safety of a ladder while picking out one for yourself is mandatory.

The safety of an extension ladder depends upon the material it is made out of. Moreover, the weight carried by the ladder and the place it has to be used are also important for safety.

Now that we what to look for while choosing a folding extension ladder, here are some models which we feel are the best.

Top 3 Best Folding Extension Ladders 2019

1. Little Giant Ladder

Little Giant has brought a ladder that can be configured into 33 different designs which together are suitable for almost all professional uses. It is the latest Model 22 velocity multi-user ladder. The velocity giant ladder comes in three models that allow 16, 24 and 33 configurations respectively. Its unique ability to transform into a number of configurations allows it to be used as an A-frame ladder, staircase ladder, extension ladder, etc.

To give you comfort, the velocity ladders are designed with wide rungs that help reduce fatigue and prevent foot pain. Thus, working on this ladder is particularly very stable and safe.

The wide flared legs also add to the stability of the ladder. Moreover, the velocity ladder comes with a rock lock system that allows adjustments in the length and configurations of the ladder easily and quickly, thus making the user’s experience smooth.

The velocity ladders are also easy to transport because of the attached tip and glide wheels. There is no need to fold it and carry it from a place and rearrange it at the next place. You simply have to push it to your next destination. The wheels facilitate smooth transportation.

The velocity ladder reaches up to 19 feet and can even be used at places where it is not possible for ordinary ladders to reach. It is a perfect choice for working on high ceilings, gutters, second story roof lines, etc. The 90-degree folding ability makes the storage of velocity ladders easy and convenient. It is slim and exceeds all the standards described by OSHA and ANSI.

Thus, the Velocity Little Giant Ladders are new age ladders that cater to the multiple demands of the millennial population.

2. Louisville Ladder

Louisville ladder measures 8 ft in height and can carry a load of up to 375 lbs, i.e., it falls under type IAA duty category and is suitable for heavy construction jobs. Moreover, the Louisville ladder can be used while fixing electrical defects or while doing household jobs.

It is made up of fiberglass, and the pro top includes a magnet tray, hardware tray, etc. to make the user’s tasks simpler and more productive.

The Louisville ladder is designed keeping in mind the safety of the user, and thus, is equipped with a shock absorber. The ladder meets all the standards set by ANSI and OSHA.

3. Goodlife USA

Goodlife USA is designed for multipurpose use. Constructed in A-frame with an extension that can be used for a variety of different purposes. It has three different folding positions and can be adjusted for five different uses. The stability provided by the Goodlife USA ladder is its outstanding feature.

Moreover, the manufacturers have created this ladder keeping in mind the safety standards, and thus, it comes with 95% safety guaranteed.

The ladder has a height of 17 feet and falls under the Type IA duty rating, i.e., it is fit to carry heavy loads. Goodlife USA is rust resistant, as well as, slip resistant. Moreover, the ladder has low step spacing, thus providing more security to the user.

What Are You Waiting for?

From the above discussion, the importance of a folder extension ladder in our daily lives is quite clear. From renovating your house to shifting things in your office, an extension ladder is needed at every step. Moreover, with the creation of extendable and folding ladders that are suited for multiple uses, making an investment in ladders has become a safer option.

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