Laguna 1412 bandsaw reviews

When it comes to purchasing a power tool, like the Laguna 1412 bandsaws, you want to make sure you have done your homework so you know that you will not regret making that expensive purchase. Some power tools are on the cheaper side of things so if you made the wrong one it doesn’t hurt so bad. I know exactly what “Buyers Remorse” feels like.

If you are like me, you want the biggest bang for your buck. I also do not want to make any purchase, cheap or otherwise and then wish I would have gone with the “other brand” after having used it and then realize that some options or accessories would have been worth the extra expense.

I will wait and save up the money to buy the right equipment so I don’t have to settle and always be wishing I would have made a different purchase. In some circumstances I buy on credit and then be diligent on paying it off. This might be due to a sale or a need that can’t wait.

So by now my hope is you are ready to buy but still doing your research on which band saw is right for you. I have been woodworking for many years and know that quality in the purchase of a product is most important. Higher quality means the money you spent will last longer and you will be happier with your purchase.

There is not one brand of band saw that has the highest quality. Some brands like Laguna, Jet and even Rikon are or very high quality but some features may beat out the other brand.

When I compared Laguna 1412 to Rikon 14 inch band saw I found that Rikon is of high quality but the Laguna seems to have tighter tolerances in its parts that fit together. What I mean by that is the Laguna 1412 felt really solid. Moving the saw guard up and down was smooth, there was no play between turning the dial up or down. With every little movement the guard moved ever so slightly. The Rikon, which is also high quality, felt different in a way that is hard to explain unless you feel the difference.

Even a little difference like this means a lot to me. I know I will get more accurate, exact positioning each time. Please don’t think I am saying anything bad about Rikon, the Laguna 1412 band saw is priced higher than Rikon and the little things like this is probably why.

Comparing the Laguna 1412 to the Jet 14 inch band saw is a little tougher. The decision between these two probably won’t come down to quality but more so of function and accessories. That decision will differ from person to person and is more of an opinion as important features for one may not matter to another.

OK, let us dig into the Laguna 1412 Band saw. Let me show you the meat and potatoes of this awesome piece of equipment. If Tim the Tool Man Taylor were to “Soup UP” a band saws, this is what he would end up with. OOOOGH, OOOOGH, OOOGH

Laguna 14Twelve Band SawLaguna 14Twelve

The Laguna band saw has a very attractive and almost tactical look to it.  The black is very classy and makes me feel like it is high quality, which it definitely is,  and the sleek design portrays this machine was built to work and doesn’t need “Bling” to show it off.  The name 1412 or 14Twelve as it’s shown on the saw means that it has a 14 inch reach from the neck to the blade.  The 12 means that is can do re-saw cuts up to 12 inches.  That is huge, especially if you have a 12 or 13 inch wood planer.  Anything you can re-saw will go right into the planer for a perfect finish cut.

The Laguna 1412 excels at being used as a re-saw tool.  The sturdy fence, table and guides all play a part in this.  It is also CSA International (Canadian Standards Association) certified.  CSA is recognized in the United States and means the product been tested for electrical and mechanical standards.

The MotorMotor

The motor on this fine saw is 110 volts but don’t let that fool you.  With 1 3/4 horse power and 14 amps this saw will perform like it was powered by 220 volts.  Most people have one, maybe two locations of 220 power in their workshop or garage.  Running another 220 volt power supply is expensive and with added breakers, it is just easier to put this saw wherever you like by plugging into any 115v outlet.

This motor is also capable of being powered by 220 volts if that is what your heart desires, I only mentioned the above because it is really not needed.  It comes with a 6 foot cord and a  Nema 5-15P Plug.

Re-SawingResaw Jeight

The Laguna 1412 excels at being used as a re-saw tool.  The sturdy fence, table and guides all play a part in this.  The 21″x 16″ table ensures you have a large platform to keep your material steady and increases safety of your fingers.  The re-saw fence glides along a sturdy bar for easy adjustment.  Once the knob is tightened up the fence will square itself to the blade, assuming the table is square to the blade as well.

One article I read regarding adjustment of the fence is in reference to not being able to easily adjust the fence 1/64th of an inch.  Do you realize how small that is?  This is something a band saw in not typically designed for, so I take that criticism with a grain of salt because you would need a precision dial to get that.

I was very excited for the 12 inch ability for re-sawing as most of the wood stock I buy it approximately 1″ thick.  I save a ton of money and material by being able to cut up to a 12″ board in half.  A lot of my projects I work on have 1/4 to 1/2″ pieces so I effectively double my wood material instead of losing it to the wood planer.  This in itself will eventually pay off the cost of the Laguna band saw.

The blades that can be used for this saw range from 1/8″ to 3/4″.  With a 1/8″ blade this is easily used like a scroll saw.  So many options with blade widths, teeth count and so on that I am sure you will use it every time you do woodworking.

Blade GuidesLower Blade GuidesBlade Guide

The nylon blade guides are very easily adjustable work very well.  The adjustments are easy to see with the blue anodized aluminum.  There is a set above the saw table and below.  The blue anodized plate the blade passes through has four set screws to adjust each corner making it sit perfectly flat to the table.

The Frame

Steel Frame Construction with a Pyramid Spine.  It has cast iron wheels and a cast iron 21″ X 16″ Micro-Polished Table.  With strong cast iron trunions that are 8 x 13″ and the table tilts 45 degree to the right and 7 degrees to the left.  It has 90 degree positive stops.  A trademark of Laguna is the worm gear and pinion.  It is ultra-smooth and designed to have minimum flex, even when fully extended.

There are two windows that allow to to check tension and tracking, all while the machine is running.  A 4″ dust port allows for this saw to be connected to your Dust Collector.  If you are looking into dust collectors please check out my review on those <HERE>


Part Number                                               MBAND1412-175
Item Weight                                                267 lbs.
Dimensions                                                18 x 25 x 70.2 inches
Color                                                          Black and Gray
Power Source                                            Corded Electric
Voltage                                                      115/220 volts
Blade Length                                             115 inches
Included Components                                Stand


You just cannot go wrong with a purchase of the Laguna 1412 Band Saw.  There are many reasons to buy a band saw and  I have only mentioned a couple of them here. but  You are sure to be happy with yourself and get years of use with a quality product like this.

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10 Replies to “Laguna 1412 bandsaw reviews”

  1. I used to always seek out the cheapest option when buying anything-but now I see that in all honestly, always going for the cheap option you end up spending more money in the long run because you have to replace equipment more frequently. If you are a serious wood worker, you really need to best tools-not just because you want your craft to be top notch, but I also imagine it is a safety issues too. Good review.

  2. Laguna 1412 bandsaw is exactly what I wanted to see today. I am glad I came to this site because my dad has been looking to buy one of this for a very long time now and I think your site has some amazing suggestions for him to choose from. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  3. I like saw also for I am not a carpenter but I might know a thing or two regarding the workshop tools so I have a question.  Putting into consideration there might be kids that might enter into the workshop. What are  safety precautions does that system in prevention of accidents in kids 

    • Great question and I will add this to the article.  The power on/ff switch in illuminated and has a removable key so it cannot be turned on with out it.

      Thank you for bringing that important detail to light.

  4. My Grandpa would love this product has an early Easter gift,  he is a huge craft artist with exceptional work and this Laguna Bandsaw review just helped me realize how easy and at the same time complicated wood crafting could be. But Moreover the credits should go to the admin for putting up this nice article that has helped me in putting a smile of Grandpa’s face nice post .

  5. Hi, thanks for the review.

    I believe this Laguna 1412 Bandsaw would quite fit my needs. 

    The only concern I have is with the power layout of the motor. It is a 110V motor using 14Amps, this might be quite powerful 1500W but my concern is that my 110V plugs are covered with 16Amps.

    When I use the band saw the 16Ams are almost used up. I think I’d have to install a separate 110V power supply to be able to work all times with the saw.

    Is there a 220V product in the same price and quality range? 

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