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  1. Great post! I’ve been thinking about dabbling in some woodworking, but I’m not sure if I want to invest in a wood planer yet. Would I be able to do the same things (albeit slower) with some of the hand chisels you mentioned instead of using a wood planer?

    • I don’t think a hand chisel would work to change the wood thickness and have it be even. I wanted to do woodworking for a long time but never started because I was limited due to not having a planer. Once I got that the sky was the limit.

  2. Your site looks good with some very good info for beginners. I share your enthusiasm about building things with your own hands. I’ve been known to build things like bookcases, tables, even a couple of chairs……..I really enjoy woodworking…………good work

  3. A great review of so many wood saws and stuff. I wood crafts. Gives us ideas as to the best one to get, given our situation and preferences. Any ideas about wood carving tools, such as the kind used to make spoons and carved folk art? Feel free to send me an email notification of your reply. Great review of wood tools!

  4. Hi Jeffrey ,

    Thanks for your article it’s very informative and for sure i learned something you
    Waiting for your next article . Great job


  5. You look very passionate about it and it is good that you want to share knowledge.
    Being totally hopeless at woodworking, I cannot help feeling admiration. That must require a lot of patience and a lot of creativity.
    I suggest that you place some pics in this post, so we can see your best creations while reading.
    I will keep coming for more.

  6. I would never have thought of making my own pen. It just didn’t occur to me and what a beautiful item. I have a couple of good pens that I have had for a number of years now, but what you have shown is just so cool. I guess my question is, how easy would it be for someone like myself with no wood making skills to make such an item? Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Mick and thanks for the comment. When it comes to pen making I truly don’t feel it takes any skill until you start putting designs inlaid into the wood.
      All ya really gotta do is take your time turning the wood.
      All that being said it is rather expensive to start doing with all the special tools.

  7. This is simply amazing and definitely much easier than I thought it would be. I’m not much of a builder but with your step-by-step plan I’m sure I can put something up like this as long as I follow your write-up and not take shortcuts. I mean, summer is coming up in NZ and I still don’t have any projects to work on, THIS backyard wooded shed seems like a no brainer. I’ll get the kids involved, they’ll absolutely love it. Thanks a bunch my friend.

  8. What an informative article – just wow. I had no idea I could make a pen – I thought you always bought one.
    Now that I’ve stumbled across your website I plan to do projects with my daughter on her school holidays and make wooden souvenirs for my family and friends.
    Project 1: Pen for my old man for Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Jeffrey,
    Love your article on backyard awnings. You have described a super easy to follow step by step guide. Honestly I had no idea it would be this easy!
    I live in Missouri and we have a double deck with a walkout in the basement on the lower level and another one off the kitchen on the next level up. I’d like to put a covering or awning over the top level of the deck but would hesitate to have that kind of weight on the upper deck. Any suggestions?
    I do have a good friend who I was talking to last weekend about this very subject. He wants to put an awning over his back deck/porch area and this would be perfect. I just emailed him the link to your article.
    Thank you,

    • Hello and thank you for looking.   The weight of the concrete per barrel is only around 120 lbs, less than adult.   If you had one on each side of the deck near a post I would imagine it would hold the weight because it would be like a peron standing there.  

      Not sure without seeing it but I totally understand the worry.

      Thank you for sharing the link to your friend too. 

  10. This sounds like a great retirement activity. What is the market like for this kind of products? Also where do you find the wood blanks?
    This hobby would be expensive to start but once you got set up I think there would be great satisfaction in your completion of a pen!

    • I think it would be a great retirement hobby.   You are right,  kind of expensive at first because most of the tools and equipment are only used for this purpose. 

      The product market is pretty good especially once you share on social media.   The pen kitis are usually under $20 and only $3.50 for the slim line.   I usually sell my items on etsy for about $40 each and $12 to $15 for slim line depending on wood.

      I have a link on the post where you can buy blanks if you don’t have a specialty so.e in your area. 

  11. Your awning looks great and I like the climbing plant that your wife chose. We’re about to do something similar with our patio, since it is basically unusable during the hotter months. Awnings are nice to keep sun off the windows, too, so hopefully it reduces heat indoors. Did you find that yours helped with that?

    • Hello,  yes and it helps block the light coming in when watching tv…lol.  it’s helped a lot.  Awning is easy to remove for winter if you choose and cheap enough to replace seasonally. 

  12. Awesome post. Definitely a low cost method to provide shade to an outdoor sitting area. The whiskey barrel idea is very innovative and I will try this with my rain chains, as downpipes are boring and can become an eyesore. Can you please give me some ideas on what plants are good for a barrel with rain chains?

    • Hello, we love to use seasonal flowers, or ones that don’t come back every year. My wife likes parenting the flowers so this gives her an opportunity to change it up. You can use you favorite flower type.

  13. This is a unique niche as it is the first time I would be visiting a site that talks about making your own pen. Are there safety kits that someone would need to purchase in order to protect your fingers when carrying out this procedure?

    • Unfortunately there aren’t any safety kits. I would just make sure to follow some safety tips when working with equipment. No jewelry, no loose fitting clothes, no long sleeve shirts and for long hair keep it tied up.
      If an article of clothing, jewelry or long hair get caught it will seriously injure you too quickly to react.

  14. What a great article Jeffrey- I love woodworking and haven’t had a decent planer – I have always used a hand planer and I am left handed which can make things a little tricky – Maybe only for me but if I could buy a DeWalt I would be away for sure
    Thank you

    • Hello and thank you.   I too am left handed.   I’ve never actually tried a hand plane and would never be without a thickness planer.

  15. I have used the Bessey Clamp style only. My father uses Bessey and pipe clamp ones. I have always seen the wood ones, but have never tried them yet.

    Now the Spring Clamp. I use that one every day at my chrome shop I am part owner in. We are a custom shop so processing parts through the tanks is all by hand. To keep a tight connection to the plating bar I use the SPRING CLAMP. One of my favorite tools to buy.

  16. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of tools, and I actually have a few of these different clamps in my garage. My wife and I built a giant bookshelf one time and we used 90-degree clamps for that project. I agree with you on the Bessey clamps, and the dimpling. Great tip on using a scrap piece of wood to alleviate that problem. Spring clamps can be used for just about anything you need. I agree with you though, there is not one clamp that will necessarily work for all applications. Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work.

  17. Hi Jeffrey,

    If I had known about some of these clamps in the days when I was attempting (very badly) to build things out of wood I would probably have done better..! I liked your description of how you got that door to square up – an approach that I would never have thought of..!



  18. I remember going back a few years now, I’d lost count of the number of times I could have done with a clamp to complete a project and ended up just stood there holding the materials together myself.

    Eventually, I went out and bought a selection of clamps, which covered all different types of use, now I don’t have that problem.

    Thanks for sharing

  19. This article is awesome! This is something I don’t know much about at all. When it comes to creating things, I’m all about it. This is definitely, very interesting to learn more about.

    • Thanks for the comment. I think a lot of people don’t realize how much you can make on your own and what goes into creating something. With this machine I have made so many thoughtful gifts that people love.

  20. I really like these projects so thank you for bringing them to my attention. I’m only starting out working with wood and building very simple things but it’s inspiring to see what I can do with a bit more practice. I have one question about the CNC machine you used – I saw that you made your own on another post – is there a limit to the size of things you can make using your machine and what would you recommend for working on bigger items?

  21. Hi Jeffrey,

    I like some of the ideas you have in here for a new CNC router project. I am always running low as I make something quite regularly. I learned how to do it from my Dad, but really he was gifted, so I am OK and still enjoy it in my spare time.

    I even earn a few quid and people do ask me to make them things from time to time, but, its hard to charge friends anything – so, don’t let your mates know you can do this haha.

    Thanks Jeffrey and I have bookmarked your website for further inspiration – much appreciated.


  22. Jeffery,

    I never knew there were so many specifics about choosing the correct table saw blade. I definitely need to start doing my research,lol! What I liked the most is the thorough description of the various parts of the saw blade and how each affect the cutting process.

    Thank for the education!


    • For most people a saw blade is a saw blade. Until they have a specific need for a good saw blade it is of no importance. That being said using the saw blade the way it was designed such as cross cut or ripping will lead to a longer life for the blade.

    • I prefer rum or whiskey. My friend really like his Gin & Tonics. He has been experimenting with different arrangements of wood chips. I tend to drink on the rocks so doing this really improves the experience.

  23. Wow great post – I didn’t know these things existed by it sounds great. My brother would definitely enjoy this as he loves his whiskey.
    I also think it’s a great idea that you have shown how you can make your own smoke box. That adds so much value to the reader, it’s a fantastic idea.

    • I have really enjoyed making the boxes as they are a quick project that only takes a couple of hours. Then to use the box you’ve made is pretty cool. It is amazing that this method changes the flavor of a drink so much. You won’t understand until you have tried it.

  24. Great article! It’s interesting learning how these great companies found their way to where they are now. Ultimately I’m one that sides with Milwaukee over DeaWalt, but I’ve also never owned a DeWalt

  25. I’ve worked with Dewalts for years in the Air Force. Those things get dropped off wings and still keep going. I think I can definately speak on thier durability. I have used Milwaukee products and felt they were very high quality as well, just not as much long term use with them though. A few years ago I bought a Rigid set from Home Depot. What sold me was free battery replacement! Like most people my batteries dies before the tool and new batteries are so expensive. It was worth a try for me and I have loved everything about my Rigid tools! Great article that will get some real info out from real tool users.

  26. Thanks for your article – when I want to buy hubby gifts, he loves powertools so I always look at the reviews as I don’t have a clue myself – I can’t go wrong with either brand it seems.

  27. Interesting product, I have not come across ones that you can use indoors previously, most are built only for the exterior – so this opens up other opportunities, particularly like the idea of starting your plants indoors and then moving it outside. I am wondering how portable this is though. Would it need to be emptied of soil befor emoving, or is it strong enough to support the weight?

    I also find that most of these beds allow water to disperse out of the bottom, but since it is also for indoor use I assume it is fully sealed?

    • Yes it’s strong enough to move but I wouldn’t do it right after watering due to the weight of the water.   I would line it with a plastic drop cloth to assure no leakage though.   I don’t care how well it’s built,  i’m one for extra precautions. 

  28. Hello Jeffrey,

    I grew up with a garden using raised beds (though there was no frame) and it was a very efficient way to garden. The raised beds allow the soil to get much warmer than putting plants in the ground at ground level. Since we are in Alaska, it is very important to allow the soil to warm up early in the spring by using raised beds.

    I really love the look of this raised bed planter box! I like that it has three tiers. It looks attractive and more space efficient as well as providing a deep area for certain plants that would require it. It would be nice to use the deep portion for large perennials such as delphiniums or even shrubs like roses or berry bushes.

    Thanks for providing a review of this beautiful and practical product.


    • You sound like experienced gardener,  so thank you for looking.   I really like that it’s made of Cedar as it resists weather and rot.  That is what a lot of fences are made of for that reason.   It is also very attractive being made of wood.

  29. I like the layout of your site. Did you have to pay for the ads to post on your site? You do know much about the product. I would have never thought of a three tier planter for an indoor garden. Makes sense if you want them year round.

    • Thank you very much for looking. These garden beds are great for those you want to get an early start on the season. Even during winter months you can grow great vegetables in the garage if need be.

  30. These drill presses look like great space savers. I have a small garage I work in and don’t have much room to spare so these benchtop drill presses would work great for what I need. Thanks for the informative reviews. I think I’m going to get one of these when I get my tax return.

  31. Thanks for the great review on vacs. I have to say I like the “big boy” Vacmaster 12 gallon vac because of it’s capacity and versatility even if i’s more expensive. I’ll probably have to buy a vac before too long so I’m bookmarking your site for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Thanks, this is very helpful. I have owned and rid myself of two shop vacs. I needed something to suck water out of my basement when rain comes in under the exterior door. Both were more trouble than they were worth. I’m pleased to see that these are all selling for less than $100. Thanks for sharing!

  33. I love the 12 gallon Vacmaster! I am a DIY type of gal and I have a lot of tools in my garage, along with a shop vac I got from Home Depot eons ago. It does an okay job. But the hose is too stiff and it doesn’t have the attachments I’d like, which I cannot find back at the store. Silly but I even love the color of this one. I am sold! Thanks for the great review.

  34. Awesome review on the different types and what they are used for, this is going to save me some money. I want one for my car and truck and was just going to buy to one of the bigger ones because I didn’t want to waste my time looking at reviews and glad I actually came across this one. Straight and to the point of what they are used for.

  35. I never seen this before, but it looks like so cool! with the video makes me more understanding about this things! That’s great picture and video right there!
    Good article!

  36. I have the Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System and love it. I would highly recommend the classic clamp to go with it. I personally found it difficult to accurately drill my pocket holes without the clamp. I could imagine a video comparing results with the clamp vs. without.

  37. Hey,

    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    I work in the Rail Industry as an Engineer and I think these Vacs could definitely help when we examine the trains every month and have to keep up the cleaning each night.

    Thanks again for sharing and I’m going to recommend your post and site to my Boss.

    All the best,


  38. I can say that I am very glad that I stumbled upon this article as this machine is currently what I need. My cousin gave me one benchtop drill last year but it is of very poor quality and precision. I have a small workshop behind the house and I think that SKIL 3320-01 would suit me the best. I am surprised by the price, it is not expensive and it is pretty affordable.

  39. Sounds like a perfect gift for my husband. and is reasonable priced. He loves woodworking and doing stuff around the house. We actually have lots of home projects going on right now and this tool would really be a great help. We just finished our bookshelves/bench/window seat area. We’re on to cabinetry making for extra storage. Thanks for sharing.

  40. I  can tell you that much, myy husband will not be thrilled when I show up with one of these drills, bt I am , really a lot since now he has no excuse for telling me he can’t fix this or can’t do that. he alwasy complains he does not have the tools he needed and we don’t have neough space for the tools anyway but wait when i will show up with one of those! thank you very much for the great review

  41. Thank you for providing such great and well detailed information about drill press. I think this will be best for workshop with little spaces. From your review I will go for the SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press because of it precision and it quality value. Do you have any idea about the price? 

    • The prices are hard to pinpoint without looking.   Amazon doesn’t like prices being laid out in articles because they change or go on sale and an article won’t reflect that. 

  42. Thumbs up to for you’ve really done a very good job. I thinks I’m now cleared of my thought for the best and most suitable benchtop drill press to possess for my upcoming projects. The Craftsman 12 inch Bench Drill Press with Laser is the most suitable, to execute my project efficiently. 

  43. A great roll-up of available bench drill presses that are available on Amazon, along with the pros and cons of each. There is quite a range of prices, so the review of each you have added is really helpful. I do not mind spending more money on a tool, more important is the quality and the job it will do.

    From them all, I like two that are on the top of the range price-wise but have the flexibility and power that I need: The first is the Wen 4214 12-inch variable speed drill press and the HICO Bench Top Drill Press. Although the prices are significantly higher than some of the cheaper models, they seem like ones that will last.

    I am glad I found your review page, it gave me a quick overview of the options and the details I needed to make a decision and order my new benchtop drill press. Thanks!  

  44. Thanks,  lots of amazing drill press with good specification to choose from here On this page.   I guess you have taken all the time to select the best for your viewers which is a good idea. I like the WEN 4210 Drill Press with Laser, 10-Inch,  it fits my job requirements and also the study base is awesome.

    • I think the laser is way cool.   It is so useful when trying to line up a piece that may take both hands until you get it clamped down.   The laser will show you exactly where to place the material

  45. These drill press are all good but the one I prefer most is the WEN210. I think it will work more smoothly for bigger drill surfaces than that of the WEN 408 which is for the drills of smaller surfaces drills. The WEN210 is my own recommendation when it comes to benchtop drills.

  46. These drill press are all good but the one I prefer most is the WEN210. I think it will work more smoothly for bigger drill surfaces than that of the WEN 408 which is for the drills of smaller surfaces drills. The WEN210 is my own recommendation when it comes to benchtop drills.

    I will like to know the country that produces these bench top drills. Hope is not China.

  47. It seems to me that even though the DEWALT is the most expensive option, it’s a case of “You get what you pay for.” It also seems that any shortcomings it may have don’t detract from the overall quality it possesses. I’m with you about the Genesis saw…not knowing the weight would be a big issue as I would want to make sure I’m buying a quality product that will last me a long time!

    My good friend is a woodworker and I am sure he would benefit from seeing this selection of saws you have written about in this article! Thanks so much for writing it!

  48. Hi Jeffrey,
    This was extremely informative and helpful! You really did a nice job describing the pros and cons of each model and type of saw. Saved me a ton of time doing my own research!

    • Thank you. I see a lot of review articles when I am looking for something to buy and find many are hard to follow. I try to keep my review article clear and to the point. When someone finds what they are looking for they will find out even more info just before they purchase.

  49. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your well detailed review on Compound Miter Saw. I didn’t know that Chop saw comprises both of Compound and plain old miter saw. I have grabbed the slight difference between Compound miter saw and plain old meter saw. From the saws you listed, I think I will go for DeltaS26-262L Shopmaster 10 In. Miter Saw with Laser, because of its lightweight and laser guide. Thanks once again for this review.

  50. Great post, thanks for your research and putting this out through your website. Very helpful. The top 5 you discussed are awesome, affordable and good looking. The fact that they can also be operated easily makes them superior to some of there. With these, one can simply relax when it comes to cutting through carpentry works and the likes. 

    • Thank you for looking.  These saws are all affordable and you don’t need anything more than this for home use in my opinion.

  51. I have to be honest with you. I don’t know much about a compound miter saw. I am looking to get my husband a new one for his birthday. I have always been partial to Dewalt tools. And I believe if you pay for the quality you get quality products. You did a great job explaining the differences. 

    So I will probably go ahead and get the Dewalt. It sounds like this one is your favorite also with only one con listed. What do you think?

    My husband is an engineer, and he builds things for pleasure, but he likes quality tools. He made an oak wine rack built right into the wall. It is beautiful. He is quite talented. But enough about my husband. 

    Don’t you think the Dewalt is the right choice to get him?

    • I think that is a great choice.  When he sees the DeWALT name and company yellow color he is going to be very excited and anxious to use it.  Now you have a good reason to get him building more cool stuff for you.

  52. My dad does these wood works as his part time job and his old one is about to wear off. I’m glad that I visited your site because now I have access to the best compound miter saw list. I’m going to show this to my dad and let him choose it because he knows a lot more than I do.

    Your reviews for each product was very helpful and insightful. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  53. wow! This is really informative, I didn’t know before now that saws could actually have sliding features to make them move forward and backwards. If i am to recommend one to any buyer based on your review, i would go for WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw because it has the front/back sliding feature which the three others do not have asides  the Genesis GMSDR1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Grey which also have the forward/back option. According to your review it is the only saw with only one Cons, while the others have more than one cons. Thanks so much for this educational post, I really hope to follow you and get to read more of your posts subsequently.

    • Thank you, I agree the WEN is a contender among saws and power tool in general.  The sliding feature does add a lot to the saw as wider material can be easily cut. 

  54. That’s very good information about Compound Miter Saw, I like to see the pros and cons on this product, and have so many option right there, i like it!
    and so many detailed on there, like the rotate the blade up angle, that’s very good information!
    Thank you!

  55. Wood work has always fascinated me. I love decorations made with wood, and all that is natural like wooden furniture is simply beautiful. There is no better way to bring a bit of Nature inside a home by using wood. I often wanted to take a class of woodjoinery, I have studied interior design and the decor is just something i love to do. I am though a little afraid of not being able to be up to the task. Thank to your review I might actually give it a try now.Thank you

    • Thank you and don’t be scared.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  No person has every been born be able to speak.  It is a skill that is learned and you can learn this one too.

  56. Hi, 

    I read your post about Woodworking Books on Amazon with interest. I’ve been thinking I’d like to try my hand at woodworking, but I am an absolute beginner. In fact at school, when we did woodworking I wasn’t particularly good. 

    I think to start off with, it would be a good idea to make some really simple and small items rather than full cabinets etc. 

    I am just wondering which of these books might be best for an absolute beginner and if none, do you know of any others that may be better for me to buy? 



  57. The review about those books are good. The truth is, no matter how advanced or the changes in technology could  be we still cannot do without the use of books. When I find it difficult to learn certain things offline, I quickly do a little search and get a good quality book to improve my learning.

    • I agree, one thing that won’t go away with a power outage or some other technology failure is physical books.  I really like to be able to flip through the pages, take notes and see it clearly.

  58. I used to always seek out the cheapest option when buying anything-but now I see that in all honestly, always going for the cheap option you end up spending more money in the long run because you have to replace equipment more frequently. If you are a serious wood worker, you really need to best tools-not just because you want your craft to be top notch, but I also imagine it is a safety issues too. Good review.

  59. Laguna 1412 bandsaw is exactly what I wanted to see today. I am glad I came to this site because my dad has been looking to buy one of this for a very long time now and I think your site has some amazing suggestions for him to choose from. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  60. I like saw also for I am not a carpenter but I might know a thing or two regarding the workshop tools so I have a question.  Putting into consideration there might be kids that might enter into the workshop. What are  safety precautions does that system in prevention of accidents in kids 

    • Great question and I will add this to the article.  The power on/ff switch in illuminated and has a removable key so it cannot be turned on with out it.

      Thank you for bringing that important detail to light.

  61. My Grandpa would love this product has an early Easter gift,  he is a huge craft artist with exceptional work and this Laguna Bandsaw review just helped me realize how easy and at the same time complicated wood crafting could be. But Moreover the credits should go to the admin for putting up this nice article that has helped me in putting a smile of Grandpa’s face nice post .

  62. Hi, thanks for the review.

    I believe this Laguna 1412 Bandsaw would quite fit my needs. 

    The only concern I have is with the power layout of the motor. It is a 110V motor using 14Amps, this might be quite powerful 1500W but my concern is that my 110V plugs are covered with 16Amps.

    When I use the band saw the 16Ams are almost used up. I think I’d have to install a separate 110V power supply to be able to work all times with the saw.

    Is there a 220V product in the same price and quality range? 

  63. First up, I’ve got to say that image showcases your site beautifully. The 3D look on top of an attractive piece of timber looks just great.

    And what an attractive set of coasters you’ve chosen to promote. Practical too.

    Who doesn’t admire our native wildlife? The majestic bald (white-headed) eagle, the Elk, the Bear and the Moose are all noble and impressive animals and to see their images rendered on weed is inspirational.

    I love the coasters but also the impressive amount of information that you’ve provided around each animal.

    I didn’t know, for instance, that Moose, unlike other ruminants, don’t form herds and are elusive, solitary animals.

    Thanks for this information, Jeffrey. I’ll be sure to look at your other coaster sets as well.

    • Thank you, I think people generally see these animals as noble and impressive although they may not really think about why.  I wanted to add some fun facts about the animals to showcase why they are so great.

  64. Hello Jeffery –

    Just posted, but not sure if went through – so posting again, just in case.

    What a great set of coasters! Love how you provided a brief introduction and history of each animal. Great touch! Didn’t know that about the bear about approaching them (not that I would)!! 🙂

    Are these coasters available worldwide or just in one specific country?

    Great coasters man!

  65. Wood coasters are awesome, and the resin protects the wood so well. It’s kind of fun to slide them down a well polished table too lol. These coasters show amazing craftsmanship and your description of the animals you put on them makes it obvious why you chose them. Those other sets are amazing too. I can’t wait to get mine!! Thanks.

  66. Very well detailed post with beautiful wood coasters. I really love your work. I will be looking at you again for more of these beautiful pieces. Thank you for sharing

  67. Dear Jeffrey
    Thank you very much for your fantastic article that shows the best and most cost effective approach to buying tools and knowing what to watch for..
    Kind regards,

  68. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about wildlife coasters and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for wildlife coasters.

    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


  69. Jeffrey, good article, you have a lot of good information here. I do like the Little Giant, which is what I used for years until the one I had sort of disappeared. Now I have a Gorilla which is heavier than the Little Giant, with the same specs, I still prefer the Little Giant over the Gorilla. Thanks for a good article!


  70. This is a great tutorial on how to put in a DIY backyard awning. I particularly liked what you said about making sure to use 4×4 posts in concrete for holding up the awning. I wish we could do this in our backyard, but we won’t be able to put in posts like that since there isn’t really a spot for them. I guess we’ll have to try a more traditional awning, or maybe a retractable one! I’ll have to do some more looking around.

  71. Jeff

    This looks like a fun project with a great result. Seems like a better option than digging holes to support the posts. I am concerned that some strong winds may cause the barrels to move/sway. Have you found this to occur with your planters and posts?


    • Yes this was a very fun project. I was actually surprised to find that the posts do not move with the weight of the concrete in them. The sun shade has actually ripped and come off from heavy winds. I’ve learned to simply un-clip the sun shade from the posts if expecting high winds.
      I agree, I did not want to dig holes in the grass or drill mounts into the concrete. This way is it always removable and the added flowers make it very appealing.