Whiskey Smoker Box

For those looking to “Kick it up a notch” regarding your whiskey drink or cocktail you have come to the right place. Smoking a whiskey will give you a unique aroma and add to the flavor of your drink. With this whiskey smoker box you can quickly serve a friend or party goers you may be hosting.

Not only is this a great way to enjoy your favorite drink, you will surely awe your guests with the great flavor, aroma and visual appeal from the whiskey smoker box.

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The Whiskey Smoker Box

Just so you know, I just call it the Whiskey Smoker Box because what else do you call it really? The idea for this box came from the Dictador Rum box in this YouTube video. <Click Here>

A local bar has this smoking system and the Dictador smoking box. The bartender said the boxes are super expensive and he has a hard time with people steeling them. I researched this box and it doesn’t appear that Dictador sells them to the public. This box is made from Cedar and is special made in size. I do not know the dimensions of the box in the video but the drink served from it was much smaller than I would have expected.

The only box I can find is called a Fortessa Cocktail smoking box which is much larger than a typical drink for whiskey and costs $249 for the smoke infuser and the box. To me, that is a lot of money to spend on enhancing a drink, I don’t care how much I like it.  That’s me, if you want to see it, click the name, it is a link that will take you to amazon.com.

The Cedar in this box will absorb the smoke aroma and excite your taste buds every time you mess with it. Like a cast iron skillet it gets better with age.

How to build the Box.Cedar Smoke Box

I am a hobby woodworker and love doing this type of stuff. In the box seen here I beveled the edges 45 degrees so there is no end grain showing anywhere except the very bottom, which you don’t typically see. The box does not have to be made this way and it is much easier to make without doing so.

I like to test my woodworking skills so I like these challenges. I am also experimenting on different types of latch systems and hinges. I measured my glass I typically pour a drink into and I made sure it fit a friends glass to determine the size I wanted to make the box.

Ultimately, the box dimensions are 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ x 5″ tall. Wall thickness is 1/4″ -5/16″. The benefit is this smaller box than the glass Fortessa box is that the smoke from the infuser is more concentrated and confined to a smaller area and your drink is saturated.

For those that want to build their own box, who cares what it looks like. As long as its mostly sealed it will still do its job.

For those that want me to build them one I can do that too. Please subscribe or shoot me an email. I can cover it in any color and even engrave a name or logo to personalize it for a small additional cost. Each box will $45.

Box step 1

First, find some cedar. I started with a simple wide fence picket because they are cheap and already pretty thin. Rough cut your plank into 10″ blanks. Run these blanks through a planer so they end up 1/4″ to 5/16″. The reason I say 10 inches is that its much easier to plane down a longer board than a bunch of little ones.

Also, if you plane down all the pieces for one box at the same time then all or your edges with line up as they are the same thickness (See Picture with 45 edges).

Once you have three 10″ blanks planed down they should be 10 x 6 or so. The width of the plank should accommodate the box itself and the top of the box.

Set up the table sawSquare Angle

I like to think I have a pretty nice saw. Even so, I still use a square to check my angles. I angle my blade to get it pretty close with the angle guide on the side of the saw. To get it perfect I use the square. As you can see in the picture there is a small gap that you can see light through, even though my saw guide says I am at 45 degrees.

Make sure if you use the square method you place the edge of the square between the teeth of the blade as the teeth are usually a little wider that the thickness of the blade itself.

Cut your 10 inches piecesCedar Blanks

Take the wood blanks and cut them so you have a 45 degree edge on two sides. When you are done you should have four sides of the box and they should have two 45 degree edges. Set your saw blade back to 90 degrees. Put one of the 45 degree edges against the fence and cut it to 3 1/4 inches wide. The left over piece will be used for the box top sides.

Once you have all four sides cut, take the left over piece and cut a 45 degree angle on one of the long edges. Now you should have three 45 degree angles on these pieces. Set your blade back to 90 again and place the long 45 degree edge along the fence and cut it to 1 3/4 inches.

At this point you should have all of your pieces cut minus the bottom. You should have one piece left over that we will get to in a minute.

Before you start gluing, sand all the pieces, it will be really hard to do a nice job of this when the box it glued together. Cedar is very soft so the sanding is not the hard part. The hard part is sanding it so you don’t see the sand marks. You will almost certainly have sanding marks if you do it after gluing.

Glue your box sides and topBox Glued

Take a corner clamp and glue to pieces together. Here you can see the importance of having the exact same width from the planer.

Once these are done drying, glue two more. Once you have two sides glued put them together to form a box. Do the same for the box lid. Once you have the bottom box glued up, place it on the extra piece of wood and line up two sides. Trace the other two sides with a pencil. I have found this is the easiest way get an exact size you need for the bottom.

When everything is glued up, sand the exterior and finish to your liking. You can you a stain or paint. Just leave the inside bare.Gluing

Please don’t try to over think this. If you mess up, try again. You will have fun.Painted Box

Enjoy your Whiskey Smoker BoxBare Box

With all this work and creativity, you deserve a well-made drink! Test out your new creation and tell your friends, they are sure to want to try one.

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  1. Wow great post – I didn’t know these things existed by it sounds great. My brother would definitely enjoy this as he loves his whiskey.
    I also think it’s a great idea that you have shown how you can make your own smoke box. That adds so much value to the reader, it’s a fantastic idea.

    • I have really enjoyed making the boxes as they are a quick project that only takes a couple of hours. Then to use the box you’ve made is pretty cool. It is amazing that this method changes the flavor of a drink so much. You won’t understand until you have tried it.

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